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Ya FM Unites with Dr. T to Restore Voice of Beloved Presenter – Targeting $5000 for a Medical Procedure!


In a heartwarming gesture of solidarity and compassion, Ya FM, one of the region’s leading radio stations, has joined forces with its esteemed Media Executive, Tendai Nyasuwa popularly known as Dr. T, to embark on a mission to raise $5000 for a career-saving operation. The endeavor aims to restore the voice of the talented presenter, Tendai Nyasuwa, who has been an integral part of Ya FM since its inception.

Tendai Nyasuwa, a beloved figure amongst listeners, has been grappling with laryngitis, a condition that has impaired his vocal abilities. Doctors have recommended a vital operation, which holds the promise of restoring his voice and granting him the opportunity to once again engage audiences through the airwaves and as a master of ceremonies at weddings and corporate events.

With an unwavering commitment to their colleague’s well-being, Ya FM T have stepped up to spearhead a fundraising campaign that will not only cover the cost of the necessary medical procedure but also provide immense emotional support to Tendai during this challenging period.

Speaking exclusively to Great Dyke News, Forbes Mugadza, the coordinator of the fundraising initiative, expressed the station’s enthusiasm for the cause. “Tendai Nyasuwa is more than just a presenter; he is an indispensable member of our Ya FM family. We are determined to stand by him during this difficult time and ensure that he regains his voice, enabling him to continue doing what he loves most – entertaining and connecting with our listeners.”

As part of the fundraising efforts, Ya FM has organized a marathon 12-hour broadcast, featuring popular radio hosts Alberto Chamwadoro and Gogo Beau. The dynamic duo will engage listeners with engaging content, interactive sessions, and heartfelt appeals to contribute to Tendai’s cause.

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For those who wish to contribute to this noble initiative, the station has set up an Ecocash number – 0777999009 – where well-wishers can send their donations conveniently. Additionally, individuals can personally visit the Ya FM offices at 16 Ireland Road, Zvishavane, to make their contributions in person.

The campaign has already received an overwhelming response, with countless listeners and community members showing their support through messages of encouragement and donations of various amounts. The collective outpouring of love for Tendai Nyasuwa highlights the powerful impact he has had on people’s lives, and how much he is cherished by the community.

As the fundraising campaign gains momentum, Ya FM remain hopeful that they will reach their target soon, allowing Tendai to undergo the much-needed operation and embark on his journey towards healing and recovery.

The station continues to encourage listeners and well-wishers to come forward and contribute to the cause, ensuring that their beloved presenter can regain his voice and continue brightening the lives of many through his passion for radio and event hosting.

In times like these, the true essence of a community shines through, and the Great Dyke’s unwavering support for Tendai Nyasuwa exemplifies the strength of unity and compassion.


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