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Zim Agric Show Kicks Off


The Zimbabwe Agricultural Show kicked off today with a remarkable display of unity and collaboration among various sectors. Hosted by the Zimbabwe Agricultural Society, this year’s event brings together mining companies, agricultural companies, manufacturing companies, and the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development in a concerted effort to foster growth and sustainability.

The showground has been transformed into a vibrant hub, showcasing the ingenuity and potential of Zimbabwe’s mining, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors.

These industry leaders are showcasing their products, services, and contributions to the development of Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector. Companies such as Zimplow, TELCO, Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, Mimosa, Zimplats Shelter Homes, Assorted Foods, Blue Ribbon, and National Foods are among the distinguished exhibitors in the Mining and Agriculture Village which is managed by Mejrkh Communications.

Zimplow, a renowned agricultural machinery and implements manufacturer, demonstrates its commitment to enhancing farming practices through innovative solutions. Their presence at the agricultural village highlights their dedication to supporting the agricultural community and driving productivity.

TELCO, a prominent telecommunications company, recognizes the importance of connectivity and digital solutions in modern agriculture. By showcasing their services tailored to the agricultural sector, they contribute to bridging the digital divide and enabling farmers to access vital information and resources.

The Ministry of Mines and Mining Development plays a pivotal role in Zimbabwe’s mining sector. Their participation emphasizes the interconnectedness of mining and agriculture and showcases the government’s commitment to fostering collaboration and sustainable development between the two sectors.

Mimosa and Zimplats, key players in the mining industry, demonstrate their dedication to corporate social responsibility by supporting initiatives that uplift local communities. Their presence at the Mining and Agricultural Village reflects their commitment to sustainable development and inclusive growth.

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Assorted Foods, Blue Ribbon, and National Foods, prominent players in the food industry, highlight the importance of value addition and food processing in Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector. By showcasing their products and expertise, they contribute to promoting a vibrant and resilient food system that benefits both producers and consumers.

The participation of these renowned companies not only adds prestige to the Village but also underscores their shared vision of a prosperous and sustainable Zimbabwe. The companies presence serves as an inspiration to other organisations and stakeholders to collaborate and contribute to the growth and development of the agricultural sector.

One of the highlights of the event is the mining and agriculture breakfast interface scheduled for Thursday which ZAS organises in partnership with Mejrkh Communications. This platform will gather stakeholders from both sectors, including mining and agricultural experts, government officials, and industry leaders.

The interface aims to facilitate meaningful discussions, identify challenges, and chart a way forward for sustainable development in mining and agriculture. By fostering dialogue and collaboration, these sectors can work hand in hand to address common issues, share best practices, and explore opportunities for growth and diversification.


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