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Key Concerns of Zvishavane Women for Elections: Road Infrastructure, Water Supply, Crime, and Drug Abuse.


As Zimbabwe prepares for the imminent elections in August, the women in Zvishavane, a bustling town with 10 council wards, have eloquently articulated their expectations for their prospective councillors in the esteemed Zvishavane Urban Council. The key concerns raised by these formidable women encompass the pressing issues of road infrastructure, water supply, crime, and drug abuse, which have been at the forefront of their minds as they anticipate the forthcoming electoral process.

Mai Charles, a vendor specializing in the sale of fresh fruits and vegetables, passionately advocated for the provision of proper vending stalls in the bustling Central Business District (CBD). In her unwavering conviction, she firmly believes that the establishment of clean and hygienic vending stalls would not only create a conducive environment for fruit and vegetable traders to conduct their business safely, but also enable them to earn a livelihood to support their families.

Mrs Mawere, a banker residing in the Hillview suburb within Ward 9, expressed deep-seated concerns over the deteriorating state of the roads that interconnect various suburbs, including Hillview, Nil, Noelvale, Maglas, Birthday, and Advelorem, with the CBD. With these roads having fallen into a state of disrepair to the extent that private vehicle usage has become a formidable challenge, Mrs Mawere fervently hopes that the next councillor for Ward 9 will prioritize the urgent refurbishment of these crucial transportation arteries to alleviate the transportation predicaments faced by the local residents.

Melody, a dynamic young single informal trader also hailing from Hillview, has been deeply troubled by the inadequate water supply in her locality. She reveals with dismay that the residents have been grappling with a mere three days of water supply per week for the past three years. As such, Melody holds high hopes for the next councillor to proactively address this dire situation and work diligently towards improving the water supply infrastructure to ensure that the residents have access to clean and reliable water on a consistent basis.

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Manyathi, a concerned resident residing in Lot 4 of Ward 1, raised poignant concerns regarding the rampant crime, particularly the alarming rates of robberies, plaguing the area. As a proactive solution, Manyathi fervently hopes that the next councillor will prioritize the establishment of a robust neighborhood watch program in close collaboration with the local law enforcement authorities to effectively combat the prevailing crime and create a safer environment for the community at large.

Mai Ano, a resident residing in the Mandava suburb within Ward 2, which has unfortunately gained notoriety as the drug capital of Zvishavane, is determined to see an end to the devastating drug problem that has inflicted untold harm upon the lives and futures of the town’s youth. In her unwavering resolve, she firmly believes that the next councillor, in conjunction with the Member of Parliament (MP), must work in unison to formulate and implement a comprehensive program that unites the community in a concerted effort to combat the perils of drug abuse and restore hope and prosperity to the town.

With the election date, eagerly anticipated by the women of Zvishavane, yet to be announced by the President, the stakes are undeniably high. With a total voter population of 25,344 as of May 30th, 2022, the upcoming elections hold immense significance for the women of Zvishavane as they eagerly await to see if their legitimate concerns and expectations will be duly reflected in the manifestos of the council and parliamentary candidates. In this crucial juncture, the women of Zvishavane fervently hope for a new era of positive change and progress in their cherished town.


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